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Missions and Missionaries Around the World, 1611 - 1922 tells the stories of various Christian missions and missionaries throughout the world. It features foreign missions to over 50 countries and domestic missions within North America and Europe, with focus given to the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Offering more than 2,000 monographs, the collection features missionary outreach to countries including India, China, Guyana, Tahiti, and the Marquesas Islands. Prominent authors include Morris Officer, Robert E. Speer, and Adrien Launay. Many Christian traditions are featured in the collection, including the Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church (USA), Lutheran Church, and Orthodox Church.

Broad subject coverage includes:

  • Foreign missions to over 50 countries
  • Domestic missions within North America and Europe
  • American Board of Comissioners of Foreign Missions
  • China Inland Mission

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Coverage List: