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Perspectives on Ancient Civilizations, 1200 - 1922 features ancient civilizations and cultures from to the Biblical and Classical periods, including Assyrian, Babylonian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Hittite, Greek, and others. It highlights cultures that existed alongside the Hebrew people and had a strong influence on the formation of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Offering nearly 900 monographs, the collection features significant holdings concerning the Akkadian, Syriac, Sumerian, and Egyptian languages. In addition, it includes a selection of titles devoted to the rise of 19th century archaeological excavations. Because the collection features cultures that existed alongside the early Hebrews, it makes an excellent complement to Jewish Studies Perspectives, 1800-1918.

Broad subject coverage includes: 

  • Ancient langauges
  • Ancient literature 
  • Folklore and mytholoy
  • Inscriptions
  • 19th century archaeology 
  • Ancient philosophy
  • Ancient law

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Coverage List: