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Digital Archives Viewer functionality includes:

  • Multiple navigational options: by Table of Contents, turning pages, or via EBSCO’s exclusive Page Map feature
  • The ability to limit results by major information sources and document types to quickly hone in on the most desired content source
  • The unique Hover feature to allow users to simply hover over the Result List to view citation excerpts
  • The unique Page Note feature to allow users to take notes related to a particular page in the text, save it for future reference, and email it to others
  • Cross-database searches on EBSCOhost databases for related articles and texts

EBSCO’s proprietary Digital Archives Viewer brings content alive and allows users to explore, manipulate, collect, and export content. It is based on the same powerful, intuitive, flexible, and data-driven approach that the EBSCOhost platform provides.

The viewer includes a wide range of features and functionality designed to best meet the needs of users. In-depth usability testing of the Viewer was conducted at Kent State University, and hundreds of librarians, professors and students were interviewed and surveyed during the development process to determine the most desired content and features, including:

  • Search within documents
  • Search keywords highlighted in text
  • Differentiation between direct OCR and "fuzzy” matches
  • Zoom-in for close-up views
  • Rotate page images
  • Search across databases on EBSCOhost for related articles and texts
  • View one or two pages simultaneously
  • A unique Page Note feature that allows users to take notes, save notes, and email notes to others