What EBSCO Discovery Service Customers Are Saying

EBSCO Discovery Service is used by libraries across the globe, in academic, public, medical, government and corporate institutions. Just as each institution's collection is different, the way that discovery is used in each library is also unique.

EBSCO works with EDS customers to ensure that end users and library administrators are getting the most out of their customized EDS system. Read the stories below to learn about the different ways EDS is helping to support libraries worldwide.

Bournemouth University (Dorset, UK)
Rising to meet student expectation and increasing library awareness. Bournemouth University integrates EDS with Blackboard learning platform.

Millersville University (PA)
Shortening the chain from discovery to learning and critical thinking. Millersville realizes vision of providing their community with a unifying service that leverages online resources to support their learning mission.

Milligan College (TN)
By creating a strong library research platform with the speed and simplicity of a commercial Internet search engine, Milligan College makes its library holdings even more accessible to students and faculty.

Okanagan College (British Columbia, Canada)
With a strong library research platform that quickly extracts professional content, Okanagan College sees an increase in the use of eBooks and other electronic resources.

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"We want to engage with our users and EDS gives us the opportunity to make content available in a holistic way, reshaping how the library is used and perceived."

— Scott Anderson, Millersville University of Pennsylvania