Simple Technology for a Powerful Search Experience

EBSCO set out to build a superior API from the ground up that showcases EBSCO Discovery Service features and fits modern technology requirements. Whether using VuFind or your own web front end, EDS API complements and enhances individual library discovery and Institutional Repository systems. Benefits of the EDS API for subscribing libraries include:

  • Simplicity – Easy REST integration for API consumers (systems and programmers)
  • Integration with the most popular systems – VuFind, Blacklight, Drupal, etc.
  • Various options for use – The flexibility and features of EDS API allow it to be consumed in many ways
  • Continued commitment to performance and stability – EBSCO is dedicated to providing a state-of-the-art, highly performant API
  • Comprehensive developer documentation – DTD, sample XSLT, sample applications, VuFind demo, XML schemas for Info/Search/Retrieve responses, etc. Find documentation, reference guides and sample applications—or share code and discuss integration and usage ideas—through the EDS Wiki
    (login required).
  • Improved Response Format – XML and JSON formats allow programmers to easily reproduce the EDS result list and detailed record exactly as seen in EDS (HTML markup, highlighted search terms, hyperlinked authors and subjects, display ready data, etc.), as well as display the results in a different manner

Examples of System Integrations:

Black Light Integration Black Light Integration

VuFind Integration VuFind Integration