Heighten the Value and Usability
of Your Catalog with EBSCO Discovery Service

One of the most fundamental services provided by EBSCO Discovery Service is the loading of the institution’s complete catalog so that it can be searched alongside all other EDS content as part of the unified search experience.

With EDS, libraries can leverage EBSCO’s expertise in loading and enriching data via the popular EBSCOhost platform in order to offer users the best-possible search experience on the front end of their online catalog. Implementing the library’s catalog via EDS will allow users to explore their library resources with ease, as patrons are presented with a fast and familiar search experience already optimized for end users accustomed to Web searching.

Institutional Repositories

Institutional Repositories (IRs) can be directly loaded into EDS in a similar fashion, and are fully searched alongside all other EDS resources/content.

Group Sharing

EBSCO offers specialized support for groups and consortia, where libraries have joined together to provide services and content to researchers within their group, such as ILL services.

Key features and functionality offered for every library include:

  • Easy access to the entire catalog content, including books, eBooks, audiobooks and other materials available from the library, branch or
    union catalog
  • Up-to-date search experience:
    • Real-time availability checks with direct links to the catalog record
    • Daily updates to catalog records
    • Limit results by location
  • Enriched catalog records featuring book jacket images, subject headings, availability information, awards, review citations and more
  • Full-text searching of relevant book content via EBSCO’s eBook collections
  • Option to create custom search boxes for any library page
  • Elevated relevancy ranking for catalog holdings
  • One-stop searching with direct links to
    related information
  • Connect to your library's resources, holdings information and available full text with
    EBSCO A-to-Z and LinkSource