Optimize Your Catalog through True Customization/Enrichment

EBSCO Discovery Service offers numerous customization options to make the
catalog search experience unique to each library, for both the underlying collection of metadata, and for the front-end delivery
of search results.

EBSCO Discovery Service Customization & Enrichment Features:

Apps, Widgets & Plugins – Import pieces of functionality into the user experience

  • Result list – Include content from Flickr, RSS feeds, instant messaging, LibGuides, Wikipedia, etc.
  • Detailed Records – Admin-controlled HTML or URLs that can pull related content into the detailed record
    (e.g., Google Books, ChiliFresh, Social Tagging Services, GoodReads)

Catalog Enrichment:

  • Composite Book Records – Enhance a library catalog record with a consolidated, SmartLinked list of available editions and formats (i.e., FRBR). Includes links to all available copies/formats—eBooks, audiobooks, ILL, etc.
  • Direct Links to Related Information – Link to library resources, subscription content or external content, including book reviews, author services, tagging services, etc.

Real-Time Availability Checking – Quickly view holding information to see if a publication is available at the library, and link directly to the catalog record

Promote Library Content/Services – Prominently feature elements of your collection through simple HTML and JavaScript links

Relevancy Ranking – Choose catalog weighting for relevancy-ranked search results that bring your catalog content at the top of the result

Front-End Customization Options – Customization options such
as branding, skinning, toolbar customization, etc. to align with
your catalog

EDS customization continues beyond the catalog—view other customization options available for your library