ILS Partners

ILS Partnerships Mean More Choices for Libraries

By partnering with some of the most popular ILS vendors EBSCO gives libraries ultimate choice when it comes to how they serve their patrons. With the option of using either EBSCO Discovery Service or a library’s current catalog user interface as the front end, EBSCO’s ILS partnerships allow libraries to take advantage of the benefits of both services. Through these partnerships mutual customers will get better, easier access to the databases, journals, conference proceedings, magazines, newspapers, e-books, images, videos and other resources their libraries provide.

EBSCO’s ILS partnerships represent our increasing experience integrating with third-party services. In fact, EBSCO works with more than thirty vendors already and more are being added. As a collaborative technology partner EBSCO is happy to hear your suggestions for future partnerships.

Libraries that Choose EBSCO Discovery Service and keep their ILS experience the benefits of partnership

Save Time with set up and maintenance. ILS partnerships allow for increased workflow integration through the incorporation of the EDS API (Application Programming Interface) into a library’s catalog.

Increase Exposure to Valuable Resources though a single search experience.

Seamless User Experience through the inclusion of ILS functionality into the discovery experience like check outs, holds, renewals, access to personal account history, review fines, and so on.

Partnerships include:

  • Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
  • SirsiDynix
  • OCLC
  • Kuali OLE
  • Algorhythms SLIM
  • Archimed
  • aStec
  • Aurora
  • Bookhouse Company
  • Capita
  • Catalyst IT
  • Cosmotron
  • EOS International (now part of Sirsi)
  • FutureNuri
  • Hyweb
  • Inek
  • Janium
  • LA Info Tech / Smartlib
  • Lucidea (including SydneyPLUS Inmagic)
  • Mirtech Inc
  • Pergamum
  • Prima SophiA
  • Softlink
  • Soutron
  • SVOP
  • TIND
  • Yordam

Vendor-Neutral Partnerships

EBSCO's goal is to offer libraries the options they need to optimize their individual discovery experiences. Because EBSCO is vendor-neutral in its approach to discovery, there are additional discussions underway with other well-known and regional ILS vendors. EBSCO also encourages individual libraries to talk to their ILS vendor and ask them to consider a similar partnership with EBSCO.

Learn More about EBSCO's Partnerships with the following ILS Vendors:

Innovative Interfaces, Inc: "Partnering with Innovative Interfaces allows both companies to provide expanded services to customers and helps each library better define its own discovery experience."

SirsiDynix: "This partnership allows us to provide libraries with ways to deliver their valuable content to users using the systems they know and trust. It's a powerful combination of systems and content—with a tremendous level of convenience for customers and users who don't have to re-invent their workflow."