Increase Usage of Critical Subject Indexes

Leading subject indexes provide critical information for academic research. However, the overwhelming majority of the most respected indexes do not provide their metadata to any discovery service, and for good reason.

Yet these resources are critical to an optimal research experience; due to the tremendous depth of coverage and level of indexing associated with these important resources, discovery services are simply not viable replacements for these indexes—the quality of searching would greatly diminish, and researchers would be left unaware of information that could otherwise be critical to their findings.

Access Critical Indexes through the EBSCO Discovery Service Experience

As a solution to this issue, EBSCO infuses content from dozens of top subject indexes (to which a library subscribes on the EBSCOhost platform) into the EBSCO Discovery Service experience. This locally-indexed method enables researchers to capitalize on the investments that libraries have made in these indexes, and maximize the value of the full suite of library resources.