Research Starters

Research Starters offers short, citable summaries and authoritative overviews of more than 64,000 of the most popular topics available through EBSCO Discovery Service.

Free to EDS libraries, Research Starters is designed to simplify the research experience. Easily managed through the administrative interface, Research Starters includes links to relevant articles, images, videos and audio clips. With content pulled from a variety of high quality sources, including Salem Press and Encyclopædia Britannica, your researchers find information on their subjects at the top of the results list – right where they need it.

Watch the Research Starters Tutorial:

“Research Starters provides that important initial success of finding quality information on a topic without the depth of experience in researching [that] our beginning students are just building. It is an excellent transition from the more familiar Google-type of search to a more structured research strategy.”

– BethMarie Gooding, MLIS, MS/ Associate Dean of Library