Customize Your Discovery Experience

As no two institutions are the same, EBSCO Discovery Service offers many easy-to-implement customization features that help to make the discovery experience truly unique to each library. A robust discovery tool for libraries, EDS provides customization options available for both the underlying collection of metadata, and for the front-end delivery of search results.

Through Open Integration, EDS offers a discovery tool for libraries with an unprecedented array of customization options, including:

  • Branding – Add your institution's logo/colors, or customize the interface with images and language
  • HTML – Link to your institution's home page or department pages
  • Apps, Widgets & Plugins – Integrate popular widgets, such as Ask-a-Librarian
  • Content Searching – Add custom search boxes
  • Subject Profiles – Create a customized collection of content along with unique functionality to enhance the user experience for individual departments or subject-specific research

Integrating these and other customization features is incredibly easy with EDS—branding and customization features can be implemented using the EBSCOadmin administrative interface.

View customization samples and learn more about EDS customization options.

Talk to other EBSCO Discovery Service customers to see how libraries are planning and implementing discovery tools and building a tailored discovery experience to meet the needs of their end users—join the EDS Community today.