EDS Subject Research technology overview

Technology Overview

For nearly every librarian, the ultimate goal is to provide end users with a web-scale discovery service offering the best-possible research experience across several key search dimensions:

  • Availability of quality content
  • Content comprehensiveness
  • Quality of retrieved content
  • Site usability, functionality and performance

EBSCO's team of dedicated developers has worked continuously over the years to build and enhance technologies that not only meet the above criteria, but also go beyond the realm of what users come to expect from a web-scale discovery service. Based on user testing, focus groups and customer feedback, EBSCO Discovery Service developers continue to provide cutting-edge technology that enhances the web-scale discovery experience, such as Full Text Finder and LinkSource, and refined Relevancy Ranking systems—all backed by the powerful EBSCOhost platform.

To learn more about Full Text Linking watch the video.

Watch Marshall Breeding and EBSCO's Sam Brooks Discussion on Discovery

Relevancy Ranking

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