Holdings and Link Manager: Simplify and Streamline your Library eResources Administration

Holdings and Link Manager (HLM) is an easy way to meet all your library administration needs, providing a single administrative module to manage all your holdings; electronic and print. HLM features streamlined workflows, auto-population of resources ordered through EBSCO, easy search and auto-complete, so you can readily find vendors, packages, and title lists. HLM will run at a high speed, saving you time.

Within HLM you can:

  • Create Custom Resource - Add titles that are part of your collection but could not find in Holdings Management. For example, print resources available only at your institution.
  • Create Custom Package – Meaningfully group your custom resources in a custom package for easy management of those custom titles.
  • Publication Finder Report - Analyze specific usage statistics that highlight how your end users are using Publication Finder and your resources with the Publication Finder Report..
  • Knowledge Base Change Reports - View changes made to EBSCO's Knowledge Base (and how those changed could or have impacted your holdings) using the Knowledge Base Change Reports.
  • Upload Your Holdings – Use the Upload feature to perform bulk additions, removals or updates to your holdings.
  • Download Your Holdings - Download your collection to support bulk additions, removals or updates (in spreadsheet format), then upload your list for easy updates.
  • Root Proxy Setting - Give users access to various sources by embedding your proxy URL into your EBSCO resource links.

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