EDS Subject Research User Experience Overview

Expect a True Discovery Experience

Most discovery layer platforms offer one thing—a single search box that functions as a watered-down portal, returning a simple result list that lacks the quality content and functionality that your users have come to rely on. You expect superior quality and search power from your online research databases; it’s time to start expecting more from a discovery layer platform.

Get more than a portal—get the complete discovery layer experience

EBSCO has spent years working with librarians and advisors, as well as looking at results from usability studies and focus groups, to create an all-encompassing discovery layer that models a true research experience. EBSCO Discovery Service gives your users everything that they could want in a search experience—from helpful features and functionality for refined searching, to direct access to full text and other superior content, and superior user tools for easy content management—all available on an intuitive and easy-to-use discovery layer platform.

EBSCO Discovery Service is the only discovery layer platform offering a full-featured user experience that includes:

  • A cohesive, intuitive, feature-rich discovery layer platform for users
  • Simple, basic searching option, as well as advanced options/search modes with superior facets to cater to different user-level search needs
  • Features and functionality that optimize the user experience
  • The only true full-text discovery service
  • Fully responsive for on-the-go searching

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