EDS Subject Research Beyond Undergrad

Superior Indexing for Graduate-Level/
Post-Graduate Research

If a discovery service should truly encompass a university's entire collection, shouldn’t it also cater to its entire user base? With an unparalleled user experience and the inclusion of important subject indexes used at the graduate and post-graduate level via Inclusion of Subject Indexes, EBSCO Discovery Service is poised to debunk the myth that discovery is merely an “undergraduate” resource.

Heightening the research experience for advanced users

Unlike other discovery services, EBSCO believes that when it comes to a high-quality search experience at the graduate level, there is no substitute for the information provided by critical subject indexes. The quality level of a record within highly-regarded subject indexes—such as CINAHL, Historical Abstracts, Criminal Justice Abstracts, Humanities International Index, Anthropological Index, Art Abstracts, etc.—is immensely superior when compared to what is often “weak” metadata supplied by a publisher partner. EBSCO Discovery Service leverages the power and value of detailed subject indexing from such resources (to which the institution subscribes) via Inclusion of Subject Indexes in order to improve the quality of research for users at the graduate level.

Academic departments can also benefit from custom subject profiles in order to offer graduate students a more refined search experience.

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