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eBook Collection Development

Acquiring EBSCO eBooks Has Never Been Easier or More Affordable

With no markups and no fees on any title, EBSCO eBooks is a cost-effective option for any library. Libraries also have several convenient options for building or growing their e-book collections with EBSCO eBooks. Choose from an ownership model, a subscription model, a short-term loan model, or any combination.


The most popular model for buying e-book titles is an ownership model. EBSCO offers flexible ownership options based on the number of simultaneous users that you want to establish for each title purchased. No matter which option you choose, the titles you purchase are owned in perpetuity—patrons can always access the title.

Unlimited User (UU)
By purchasing e-books with unlimited simultaneous user access, patrons will never experience turn-aways or holds for titles in high demand.

Three User (3U)
A great option for new and popular titles in high demand.

One User (1U)
Provide patrons access to titles, one user at a time.

Concurrent Access Model (CAM)
The Concurrent Access Model (CAM) provides a perpetual license to e-books available on an unlimited concurrent access basis up to an annual maximum of uses (typically 365 uses). Once that number is met, the e-book becomes unavailable. On the anniversary of the purchase date, the number of uses is reset to the original maximum. The institution can also purchase another copy under the Concurrent Access license, which would grant them another allotment of uses.

Note: GOBI, OASIS, Mackin and Follett customers also have the flexibility to buy e-books and select from a single user (1U) or multi-user (3U or UU) ownership model as well as Concurrent Access.


For a percentage of the cost of a one user model, you can offer access to an e-book title through a short-term loan. Short-term loan is a great option for libraries that need to fulfill a patron title request but do not wish to purchase the title outright. This rental option can also help libraries avoid turn-aways for titles with high check-out probability (such as a new release or an assigned reading title).

Short-term loan titles are available for one day, seven days, fourteen days or twenty-eight days.


Select from large collections of titles in high-interest subject areas, updated quarterly.

E-book Subscriptions
These e-book packages are offered on an annual subscription basis with unlimited simultaneous user access at a fraction of the cost of purchase. Subscription packages include a large number of titles across a broad range of subject areas, with new titles added frequently (at no additional cost). New collections will be offered on an annual basis.


EBSCO provides discounts to member libraries of consortia purchasing e-book titles. Advantages of buying titles as a consortium member include:

  • Libraries can customize their collection with titles that best suit their users’ needs
  • Libraries can own their own copy of the title
  • Discounts apply based on the number of consortium that purchase

Demand Driven Acquisition

Create a Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) profile for your library, allowing you to build a collection with guaranteed usage while maintaining control over the collection development process. Learn more.