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Find the Perfect Collection of Subject-Specific Titles for Your Library

With hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from, EBSCO offers many e-books and audiobooks covering a diverse range of topics—but who has time to sort through each title to build the right collection? EBSCO makes it easy to discover the titles you’re looking for by organizing e-books into pre-packaged collections, including Featured Collections, Subject Sets, Audiobook Collections and eBook Subscriptions. (Titles within collections can also be purchased on an individual basis via ECM, GOBI, OASIS, or Titlewave.)

Featured Collections offer titles covering a range of different topic areas from within a particular subject. EBSCO's Collection Development librarians hand-select titles to ensure that these collections contain quality content, and include frontlist titles whenever possible. Titles are owned in perpetuity.

Subject Sets focus on a single topic from within a broader subject, and contain frontlist titles selected by EBSCO's Collection Development team. The Sets allow for quick and easy purchases in particular high-interest subject areas. Titles are owned in perpetuity.

eBook Subscriptions contain large selections of titles across various subject areas to complement any library collection. Packages are offered on an annual subscription basis with unlimited simultaneous user access at a fraction of the cost of purchase. In addition, titles will be added to subscription packages frequently at no additional cost.

EBSCO Audiobooks offers thousands of exciting titles from the world’s best publishers. EBSCO’s extensive collection of content offers something for every listener, including best-selling fiction and non-fiction, award-winning children’s and young adult books, and more.