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eBook Collection Development

Increase Your Sales Potential by Offering Enhanced Pricing and Access Options

EBSCO distributes e-books and audiobooks into the institutional marketplace, through public libraries, academic libraries, hospitals/medical institutions, corporate and government institutions, and schools and school districts. Each market operates under a different sales model, and all models are simple to communicate and understand, competitive, and are based on a level playing field provided by publishers. All pricing schedules include single user, multi-user and unlimited user options.

How do the multi- and unlimited user models benefit publishers?

  • Creates more opportunity to earn higher revenue than possible in a print world (where publishers are rarely able to sell more than one copy of a book to libraries)
  • Fosters more usage, which means more funding for future eBook purchases

Acquisition Options:

Ownership: Libraries determine how many simultaneous users they want to offer for each eBook or audiobook—single, multi or unlimited user model. Multi- and unlimited user models will foster more usage, which will lead to more funding for future purchases.

Lease/Rental: Option to “rent” a title through a short-term lease model option, generating revenues previously lost to interlibrary loans

Subscription: Subscription packages expand library purchasing options and allow exposure to deep backlist that would have been OOP in the print-only era

Consortia: Member libraries of consortia receive discounts to purchase their own copy of a title, opening up new sales opportunities