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eBook Collection Development

Increase Exposure with EBSCO’s International Sales Force

EBSCO's sales power is a great asset to our publisher partners. The company has a sales staff of more than 300 professionals worldwide who are trained to sell e-books, magazine & journal subscriptions and online databases.

Each member of EBSCO's sales team specializes in working with specific library-types, allowing each representative to have a deep knowledge of the industry and the needs of the customers whom we serve. In addition, EBSCO has many librarians on staff working in the capacity of sales representatives, customer account specialists, trainers, etc. It is this quality in staffing that helps publishers to reach their objectives as EBSCO continues to expand its worldwide presence through increasing market share.

Let EBSCO's Sales Power Generate Additional Opportunities for Growth

The primary benefit of partnering with EBSCO is increased exposure to publisher content. Such exposure may lead to:

  • Proliferation of scholarship
  • Improved brand recognition
  • Additional website traffic
  • Increased visibility
  • An increase in subscriptions & eBook/audiobook sales in new markets