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Order EBSCO eBooks through Mackin

Provide students high-quality EBSCO eBooks through MackinVIA, the multi-award-winning free digital resource management system for K-12 schools. EBSCO eBooks are available in single-user and multi-user formats and can be purchased directly from

A Partnership in Quality

MackinVIA is an easy-to-use complementary platform to serve EBSCO eBooks. Used by millions of students around the world, MackinVIA boasts distinctive educational technology awards, touting its student-friendly interface and usability without sacrificing the important features required for teachers, librarians and administrators to most effectively access, use and manage their digital collections.

Start browsing EBSCO eBooks to add to your MackinVIA collection today.

View the video below to learn how to download EBSCO eBooks in your Mackin ordering platform: