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What We’re Reading: Shadows on the Nile

Post by Katherine Johnson
Posted March 18, 2014 in NoveList Bookshelf

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Shadows on the Nile

by Kate Furnivall

What is it about?

I picked up Shadows on the Nile because some reviewers indicated it might appeal to fans of the Amelia Peabody books by the late Elizabeth Peters. I was not disappointed, though it's set in the 1930s, somewhat later than the last Peabody book. Starting off in 1912 London with the disappearance of little Jessie Kenton's younger brother and his mysterious replacement by a boy who looks a lot like him, the novel quickly turns into a thriller that eventually takes the characters, now adults, to Egypt. Jessie never stops missing her original younger brother, Georgie, even though she comes to love the replacement, Tim; the two are very loyal to one another. When Tim, an archaeologist, disappears and is believed to have gone to Egypt, Jessie follows with the help of an impoverished aristocrat.

Why I like it:

I enjoyed this book because the characters are very appealing, the adventure is thrilling, and the scenery in Egypt is vividly and lushly described.

Interesting tidbit: 

An unusual aspect of the book is that it's narrated from several points of view. Some sections are first-person narration by the missing Georgie, and the rest are in third person, alternating among the other main characters. There's also a rather gratifying surprise ending.

"I'd recommend this book to…"

For the reasons I've already mentioned, I would recommend this to fans of Amelia Peabody and people who enjoy thrillers with a not-too-strong romantic element. Egypt fans will go for this one, also.

Memorable quote:

"Night noises are the worst…They are the ones that slither under the door of your bedroom."

Recommended by Katherine Johnson, Editor/Bibliographer at NoveList.