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25,000 Authors at Your Fingertips

Post by Amie Reno
Posted November 04, 2013 in NoveList Plus, Readers' Advisory News

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Several years ago, a small team of NoveList librarians set off on a new endeavor: to research authors, get to know them a little better, and add that information into the NoveList database. That information included author nationality* (where an author has lived, or lives now), author cultural identity** (identity with, or membership in, a particular ethnic, national, or cultural group), author gender, and links to author websites. Today, we are a team of 11 members who spend a little time each week reading up on authors. In mid-October, we reached a milestone: over 25,000 authors in NoveList have been thoroughly researched and have Author Characteristics added to their author records!

We know readers often develop an interest in their favorite writers -- and who's to blame them? In addition to the Author Characteristics information, the website links we've included help you dig a little deeper into the psyche of your favorite author: are they a dog person or a cat person? Did they go to college, and where did they go? Do they have a blog? Are they a tea-drinker or a coffee-drinker?

So, now that you've developed a pressing need to know absolutely everything about your favorite writer, how do you find all of this information? In an author's record in NoveList, you’ll see several tabs -- choose the tab called "More about this Author." You'll see the Author Characteristics information near the top, followed by website links. Some authors will also have notes providing even more information about them.

If you're searching for an author with particular characteristics, try the Advanced Search page. You'll see selections for Author Gender, Author Nationality, and Author Cultural Identity. (HINT: The search automatically puts an "AND" between your search terms, so choosing "Argentina" in the Nationality box and "New Zealander" in the Cultural Identity box probably won't get you any results).

Have fun exploring Author Characteristics!

*Not intended to list every place an author has traveled or lived, just the places that have influenced the author's writing the most.

**Definition of cultural identity is adapted from The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. 2002.

Amie Reno is a Senior Cataloger at NoveList.