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4 Design Tips that Grab Attention

Post by Nancy Dowd
Posted November 26, 2014 in

NoveList SpotLight Image

Our graphic designer, Kathleen Moore, has just added some amazing new Readers’ Advisory templates that will work really well for email and Pinterest, and of course, print. So why are they so fantastic? She used four design elements that are guaranteed to garner attention.

  1. Start with an amazing list
  2. Leverage art work of book jackets
  3. Use typography for instant impact
  4. Write short but snappy copy

Whether you are creating materials to use for email, social media or to post in-house you will want to provide fun content that will engage your readers.

1. Create an amazing list
We started by going to NoveList and selecting a list from their Teen Fandom Lists. They’ve got cool recommendations for fans including, Doctor Who, One Direction, The Avengers, and Taylor Swift.  

(Want to learn more about the kinds of lists you can find in NoveList? Register here for a special training on January 6)

2. Leverage book jackets

We used our newest flyer template that features 12 book jackets. The thing about book jackets is that publishers spend a lot of money to make sure they attract readers. Since that’s what you’re trying to do, it only makes sense to use them full force.  

Social Media Tip: We love the idea of pinning this flyer to Pinterest. Post it to your Walking Dead board with a link back to an online newsletter that has all the annotations and links to your catalog. Pinners love everything visual!

 3. Use Typography

Kathleen created a simple, but strong graphic element for the flyer (pictured above) that incorporated the fonts familiar to Walking Dead fans with a “blood red” background. (Always go for the obvious when it comes to gruesome apocalyptic horror stories).

She also created some bookmarks (pictured left) but instead of staying with the bloody theme, she went right for the jugular and pulled a quote that would grab a chuckle and attention. The thing about typography is that it’s easy to use and when done well, is pretty effective. 

4. Use snappy copy 

She used simply but snappy copy:

“Things have gone seriously downhill for the human race in these sometimes grim, often gruesome, apocalyptic horror novels featuring zombies, epidemics, and the undead.”

Her secret? She used the words our very talented librarians wrote in NoveList. It’s something you can do too. And extremely easy. 

Don't stop there!

Since you saved so much time using our lists and materials, you may want to add some shelf talkers to your stacks. We made one for you to help you get started. But don’t stop there --  make lots of them. Feature annotations of all the books on the flyer, remind folks that you have ebooks, audiobooks and even DVD’s of the series. 


Nancy Dowd is the Product Lead for LibraryAware. Her passion is helping libraries connect to their communities.