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A New LibraryAware Success Story: the Cobb County Public Library

Post by LibraryAware
Posted January 30, 2014 in

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We think we've got the best customers in the world and are always happy to learn a little more about them. This month we'd like to introduce you to a fantastic team of librarians from the Cobb County Public Library in Marietta, Georgia. 

Names: Jennifer Wells, Branch Manager at the Gritters Library & Rebecca Mendelsohn, Children's Librarian

What do you love most about  being a librarian? We say that the “Cobb County Public Library System is proud to be a place of possibilities, where its citizens can dream, dare, and discover.” That dedication to lifelong learning and discovery is truly something we’re very proud of. Our staff members are committed to changing lives by helping people find whatever it is that they’re looking for and by providing the resources people need to live and learn. Every day we help people find a new favorite author, resources to study for a big test, a pass to the zoo or a local museum, a new job, or even a place to stay for the night. The best thing about working at a library is seeing how people’s lives literally change after visiting the library. What’s better than that? 

Facebook or Twitter? Both! I’m proud to say we’ve got quite a few followers on both platforms. It’s a team effort! We’re always looking for new ways to spread the word about the wonderful things going on at the library, and social media is key for us. We use Twitter for fun stuff, quotes, news items -- traditional Twitter stuff -- and Facebook is our go-to platform for special campaigns. We try to have fun with it.

Favorite tool in your marketing arsenal? Social media! (And LibraryAware, of course.) Social media has changed the way people discover what the library is all about. We have had a $0 marketing budget and being able to use free tools like social media to spread the word about the amazing things we’re doing is really critical.

What has been your biggest marketing challenge, and how did LibraryAware help you address it? We were really lacking in the consistency department. With 16 locations, scores of staff members creating publicity documents, and no strong branding campaign, all of our flyers looked very, very different. LibraryAware gave us the tools we needed to have flyers that all look like they were coming from the same organization.

Top 3 ways you use LibraryAware: We love the flyers -- those templates are great! Our librarians plan such amazing programs, and we need beautiful, eye-catching designs that really allow us to showcase those programs. The LibraryAware flyer templates really fit the bill! Another thing we really enjoy about LibraryAware is the stock images; before LibraryAware, we were relying on Microsoft Office clipart. There’s one image that we kept using over and over and over… and then one day, I saw it in another campaign for a completely unrelated organization. Not ideal! At that moment, I knew I had to find some new pictures. LibraryAware came to the rescue!