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A Reader Recommends: Michella Sagara West

Post by Angela Gaule
Posted June 26, 2014 in Readers' Advisory News

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I am a huge fan of the fantasy works of Michelle Sagara West (She writes under Michelle West and under Michelle Sagara). No matter which name she writes under, her books are some of the most complex, layered stories I've ever read. Every time I read them, I understand one more motive or notice another detail.

Books that offer something new on the fourth or fifth re-read are rare for me so I'm also happy that she writes in series. This allows me to revisit the fantasy worlds that I enjoy so much.

My favorite series is the House War (West), and I would highly recommend them to those looking for intricate plots and skilled world-building.  I would actually suggest starting with the Sacred Hunt duology as the Sun Sword series, and then House War series are set in the same world and build on each other.

One thing to keep in mind: her works as Michelle Sagara tend to be on the gritty side while her Michelle West books might best be described as moody.  The tone is a little bit lighter but not by much. All of her work has a sharp, sarcastic wit that enhances the stories immensely.

Series as Michelle West

  • Sundered
  • Sacred Hunt
  • Sun Sword
  • House War

Series as Michelle Sagara

  • Chronicles of Elantra
  • Queen of the Dead

Angela Gaule works for the Ector County Library (TX) in their Southwest History and Genealogy Department. When not working, she is doing homework to finish the Bachelor’s degree that she started in 1984.