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Archive of Older Product Release Announcements

Post by Danielle Borasky
Posted December 25, 2015 in

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This a quick reference list for product releases prior to 2016. Post-2016 release announcements are found here.


New Features in LibraryAware: December 2015 (12/9/2015)

New Advanced Search limiters for audiobooks and reviews (10/29/2015)

Better Book Discovery with New Browse Features in NoveList (6/30/2015)

New Reports Give Insights from LibraryAware (6/30/2015)

NoveList Recommendations -- Now Available in Bibliocommons (5/27/2015)

NoveList Adds Character Appeal and More (4/27/2015)

New Features in LibraryAware: March 2015 (3/23/2015)

New in NoveList Select: Search by appeal and Lexile (1/16/2015)

Reaching readers with new features in the December 2014 release of LibraryAware (12/10/2014)

What's New in the October 2014 Release of NoveList (10/10/2014)

A recharged LibraryAware is coming in August (8/14/2014)

New features in the April 2014 release of NoveList (4/30/2014)

Upgrades in April 2014 release of LibraryAware (4/9/2014)

New features in the January 2014 release of LibraryAware (1/7/2014)

New Features in the Latest Release of LibraryAware (11/18/2013)

Redesigned Display of Recommendations in Latest NoveList Select Release (9/18/2013)

New Features in the Latest Release of LibraryAware (8/13/2013)

Customize Templates and More with the Latest Release of LibraryAware (6/17/2013)

NoveList Adds Tools for Finding Visual Appeal (6/4/2013)

New Feature: Announce Library Programs and Events in Your Catalog (5/9/2013)

LibraryAware Announces New Release, Improved Editor (3/20/2013)

New Version of NoveList Select Released (2/5/2013)

New Features in LibraryAware v1.2 (11/1/2012)

New features in LibraryAware v1.1 (8/24/2012)

LibraryAware 1.0 is Released (7/23/2012)

New Features Available in Your Catalog with NoveList Select (5/8/2012)

Now Available: Events Inside Your Catalog (12/7/2011)

New NoveList Features: Goodreads, Read-alikes, and Author Information (10/3/2011)