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Beyond Read-alikes: What Else Can You Find in NoveList? (Part 2)

Post by Lori Reed
Posted October 31, 2013 in NoveList Plus, Readers' Advisory News

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When you think of NoveList, what comes to mind? Read-alikes? Reading recommendations? Last month, we wrote about six other types of NoveList content tailor-made by librarians, for librarians. Well, hold onto your dust jackets because now we're introducing a collection of six more lesser-known items you don't want to miss.

  1. Genre Outlines: Everything you need to know to work with a fan of the genre. Each practical outline defines the genre, describes why readers like it, lists key titles and authors in the genre, and offers tips and suggestions for talking to readers. 
  2. Grab and Go Book Lists: Curriculum-based lists that focus specifically on the topics that students, teachers, and librarians have asked for. Each list contains books written for a range of reading levels and reading interests, helping students find books that are right for them quickly and easily. Lists of read-alouds for every grade include both chapter and picture books ideal for kicking off a unit of study in your classroom or library. 
  3. Picture Book Extenders: Discussion questions that encourage thinking skills and suggested extension activities to be used in the classroom, library, or with a parent at home and includes a list of titles for further exploration of a theme or author. 
  4. Readers' Advisory Articles: NoveList has Reader's Advisory articles on a number of professional topics. Find articles on skill development topics such as Book Clubs and Readers' Advisory for Teens, or articles on various genres, subgenres, and topics. 
  5. Readers' Advisory Training: NoveList's Readers' Advisory Training is an introduction to essential readers' advisory concepts, skills, and resources. It consists of five units that can be used as a complete curriculum or individually to strengthen skills. 
  6. Recommended Reads Book Lists: Ready-made lists of book recommendations that cover a wide range of genres and topics at all reading levels. Each list has approximately 20 titles grouped by sub-genre or topic. 

Lori Reed is the Customer Relationship Coordinator for NoveList. An avid Doctor Who fan, when not working or chasing her two kids around, Lori enjoys reading fantasy and sci-fi as well as nonfiction.