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Tips for Communicating with Your Staff Using NextReads

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Posted July 09, 2012 in NextReads

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NextReads isn’t only good for keeping your patrons up-to-date on library happenings; it can also help you keep your library staff in the loop. Here’s how you can set up a private internal staff newsletter to reach out to your entire staff.

Before You Start

First, let's cover a few key things to do BEFORE you start your newsletter:

1. Have a plan.
If you don't have a plan, you'll continually struggle with your newsletter content. Develop a mission statement and a list of objectives that will help guide each issue.

2. Include staff in planning.
Create an editorial board that meets regularly to strategize about newsletter content. The more you involve staff, the better the response.

3. Seek out your hidden talent.
Don't just assume that anyone can write a good newsletter. Find staff members who like to write, are good at it, maybe even a little funny -- and ask them to contribute. That quiet, unassuming computer programmer just may have a way with words.

Creating Your Staff Newsletter

Now, here are three simple steps for setting up a staff newsletter in NextReads:

1. Create a newsletter list:

  1. Go to the Newsletter Lists menu and select Add New.
  2. Enter the Name, and a short Description for the newsletter.
  3. Select the Frequency that the newsletter will be distributed.
  4. Uncheck Include on Opt-In, so the Newsletter List will not show up on your library’s newsletter opt-in page.
  5. Enter the Default From Name and Default From Email.
  6. Define the look of your newsletter using the Template Selection and Style Selection drop-down menus.
  7. Click the Add New Newsletter List button.

2. Build your newsletter in the editor:

  1. Go to the Newsletter menu and select Add New.
  2. Enter your Newsletter’s Title and Email Subject.
  3. Select the Newsletter List that you just created, from the Newsletter List drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Edit Newsletter button.
  5. In the Newsletter Editor, add your content. You can add your section headers and articles by clicking those links in the green bar. For help using the editor see The NextReads Editor section of Help.
  6. Click Save Newsletter when you are done creating your newsletter.

3. Add Your Staff as Subscribers

Since your newsletter will not show up on your opt-in page, your staff cannot subscribe to it on their own. To manually add your subscribers:

  1. From the Subscribers menu, go to Add Subscribers and select Add Bulk Subscribers.
  2. From the Pasted addresses are drop-down select how the subscribers will be separated in the list, by semicolons or by a line break.
  3. Paste your list of names, if you are including them, and email addresses in the Email List field.
  4. If you did include the subscriber name, check List Includes Name Field.
  5. From Name Field Separator, select the format you used to separate each subscriber’s name and the email address.
  6. At Subscriber lists, select the Newsletter List that you created for your internal staff newsletter.
  7. Click the Add Subscribers button.

Looking for more help on creating your library newsletter? Sign up for one of our free Creating Newsletters training webinars.