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Content Spotlight: August

Post by NoveList
Posted August 07, 2013 in NoveList Plus, NoveList Select

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Looking for book display ideas or book discussion inspiration? Want to know what's new in NoveList this month? Content Spotlight gives you a sneak peek into the NoveList resources that will make your job easier. This month, it's all about finding great nonfiction books for back-to-school. 

Choosing Nonfiction for Choosy Kids

Is it just us, or did summer fly by? Last we checked we were digging into summer reading lists and anticipating the release of our most-waited-for titles in the fall. But now it’s once again time to begin stockpiling notebooks, taking inventory of school clothes, and searching for the perfect backpack.

Going back to school can be exciting, nerve-wracking, or a combination of both. And that’s just for the kids! Finding great nonfiction that not only supports the curriculum but that kids will love can be just as stress inducing. Don’t miss these NoveList Feature Articles that provide tips for selecting the nonfiction that meets both of these goals.

  • Nabbing Readers: How to Choose Nonfiction Kids Will Love
    Looking for nonfiction that improves comprehension and leaves children longing for more? Follow the suggestions in this article to choose books that simultaneously sparks children's curious and encourages discussion.
  • Nonfiction Rewinds: Pairing Informational and Nonfiction Books
    There are so many fabulous informational books to share with kids, books with the same kind of narrative arc we so love in fiction.

Read-Alouds for Out-Loud Success

Are you a teacher, librarian, or parent looking for nonfiction that works as a read-aloud? Don't miss our Grab-and-Go book lists of nonfiction read-alouds organized by grade level. You're sure to find titles that will engage and fascinate your students.

  • Read-Alouds for Grade 1 Nonfiction*
    Simple words, straightforward information, and engaging illustrations take first graders into many of earth's habitats. Whether under the sea, inside a seed pod or watching elephants paint, the texts invite them to become part of the worlds they read about.
  • Read-Alouds for Grade 3 Nonfiction*
    The world of nonfiction opens wide for third graders with books about history, the environment, writing and illustrating, and the animal world.
  • Read Alouds for Grade 4 Nonfiction*
    Some of these sophisticated subjects, like prejudice, invite discussion. Other books in this list lead to the discovery of poetry in planets, insects, and mammals. Intriguing viewpoints let students examine the past and present through inventions, and scientific and animal activists' writings.

*These are just a few of NoveList’s Nonfiction Read-Alouds. These Grab-and-Go book lists are available from Kindergarten through Grade 8.*

Ease the Back-to-School Jitters with a Book!

We all remember the butterflies that lilted in our stomachs the night before the first day of school. Will I make new friends? Will my old friends still like me? Will the teacher be nice? What if I don’t make any friends at all? Help ease some of that worry with, what else, a book! NoveList has Recommended Reads lists designed just for kids facing starting school for the first time, changing schools, and making new friends.

  • Going to School (Ages 0-8 Nonfiction)* Download the FREE PDF!
    Starting school or moving to a new school can be scary. These books present real-life situations that will help ease children's worries.
  • Friends (Ages 9-12 Nonfiction)*
    Making, keeping, and sometimes losing friends. This starts in childhood and continues through life.The books on this list explore this topic from all angles.

*Note: Nonfiction is only available in NoveList Plus and NoveList K-8 Plus.