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Content Spotlight: Resources for YALSA’s Teen Read Week™

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Posted October 04, 2013 in NoveList Plus, NoveList Select, Readers' Advisory News

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Looking for book display ideas or book discussion inspiration? Want to know what’s new in NoveList this month? Content Spotlight gives you a sneak peek into the NoveList resources that will make your job easier. This month, we’re all about resources for YALSA's Teen Read Week™.

Seek the Unknown @ the Library

Teen Read Week is October 13 – 19, and this year’s theme is Seek the Unknown @ the Library, with a focus on mystery, adventure, sci-fi, and fantasy books. Not only is Teen Read Week a great time to encourage pleasure reading, it is an opportunity to turn teens into regular library users. The following lists and articles have been handpicked to ensure your TRW programming is a success.

Recommend the Unknown with Recommended Reads Lists

  • Steampunk (Teen list)
    Gearing up for an adventure with clockwork men? Do alternate histories turn your crank? Does the combination of science and magic sound like literary gold? Then it’s full steam ahead to this list of recent and exciting steampunk titles!
  • Classic Horror for Teens
    This list contains classic examples of the horror genre, must-read titles for anyone interested in horror. These books are at least ten years old, and are titles that stand the test of time.
  • Not Just for Teens: Mysteries
    The fast-pacing and surprising plot twists in these suspenseful teen tales will compel you to keep those pages turning. You may even experience a few supernatural shivers along the way! This is a list of teen titles adults are sure to love as well.

Draw in Teens with Dystopian Favorites

  • Best Practices: Steal This Idea! Photography Program Brings Divergent to Life*
    YA Librarian Assistant Molly Wetta shares an approach on linking programming to Divergent. This popular dystopian novel is a big hit with teens, and programming centered around it is sure to draw them into the library and keep them coming back.
  • A Catch-Up Guide to Catching Fire*
    With teens (and let’s be honest, adults too!) eagerly anticipating the Catching Fire movie release in November, programming or events centered around it are sure have a huge draw. This insider’s guide to the series includes key characters and events, discussion questions, and trivia to impress your readers.