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Don’t Get Stuck in the Rut of Bland Brochures

Post by Kathleen Moore
Posted February 28, 2013 in

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Brochures are a crucial part of marketing a library; not only do they provide important information right at your users’ fingertips, they serve as a visual representation of what your library has to offer. Don’t get stuck in a rut of disengaging, poorly designed brochures. Consider these tips to improve your brochures.

Consider your audience. The brochure’s look, feel, and content should resonate with the intended audience.

Include extra white spaces. Break down your content into digestible chunks and include extra line breaks.

Use compelling graphics. Images add visual interest and break up long blocks of text.

Cross-promote within your items. Connect events or services with your library’s books and e-resources.

Include contact information. Remember to tell your reader how to get additional information, i.e. “Call the info desk at… or visit us online at...”

Check your printer settings. When printing, uncheck “fit to page” so your document prints evenly. (Example: see LibraryAware Print Settings)

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Kathleen is the Graphic Designer for LibraryAware. She creates professional-looking designs and materials to help libraries build stronger connections with their communities.