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Get a List of Books on a Topic—Fast!

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Posted November 01, 2011 in NoveList K-8 Plus, NoveList Plus

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Do you ever need to find a list of books for your students to read on a particular topic -- fast? Grab and Go Book Lists from NoveList K-8 Plus are the answer.

Here's one example of a Grab and Go Book List for children in grades 6-8:

The Great Depression and the 1930s.

Contributor Helen Rosenberg created this guide covering the period between the beginning of World War I and World War II, including the Great Depression, a time of struggle and upheaval for many Americans.

Grab and Go Book Lists in NoveList K-8 Plus are focused specifically on the topics most useful for students, teachers, and librarians. Grab and Go Lists are:

  • Curriculum-based
  • Carefully selected so that titles are suitable for the topic, well-reviewed, and in print when the list is created
  • Divided by grade levels
  • Contain books in a range of reading levels for a variety of reading interests.

About NoveList K-8

NoveList K-8 focuses specifically on reading materials for younger children and teens. NoveList K-8 Plus helps parents, teachers, and librarians ensure successful reading by discovering titles that students will understand, read, and enjoy, and then find more books like those. With NoveList K-8, you will find resources like BookTalks, Picture Book Extenders, Grab and Go thematic booklists, and Curricular Connection articles designed to improve literacy, connect reading across curricular areas, teach reading and writing concepts, and engage young readers. Consider upgrading to NoveList K-8 Plus to also get nonfiction titles.