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I’m Not Ready to Leave Westeros

Post by Cathleen Keyser
Posted June 10, 2013 in NoveList Select, Readers' Advisory News

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As you may have noticed, our weekly Game of Thrones companion pieces somehow disappeared between weeks 4-9. We decided that it would be more fruitful to focus on read-alikes for the entire season. This way, we can deliver more robust recommendations and focus on thematic issues. Everyday this week, we will have blog posts and recommendations to help us process what we’ve seen and tide us over until season 4.

Season 3 Readalikes: No, it can’t be over!

These 11 weeks went by so fast! Like me, I imagine you are a little too focused on remembering, analyzing, and debating everything about the third season and the books to even think about moving on. I’m just not ready for it to be over (I wish I knew how to quit you, Jon Snow). Well, good news for us, there’s plenty of Westeros still out there!

Episode recaps:

In case you want to refresh your memory... The Onion's AV Club recapped every episode of the third season, from the dual perspectives of the have and the have-nots -- those who have read the books, and those who haven't:

Stuff available now:

A couple of quick fixes to get you through the week... Put on hold at your local library.

  • Tales of Dunk and Egg series
    This prequel series to GoT/ASOIAF currently consists of three novellas (GRRM hopes to write several more). These fantastic adventures feature Ser Duncan the Tall, a notable member of the Kingsguard (Dunk) and his king, Aegon V Targaryen (Egg).
  • The Lands of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin
    This map compendium of the known world includes all the lands of the Seven Kingdom and beyond, plus it compiles the journeys of the characters and the terrain they've covered. 
  • A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Leherer
    More lemon cakes? Yes please. Also, the authors run the food blog Inn at the Crossroads where they chronicle their attempts at cooking all the food mentioned in A Song of Ice and Fire. 
  • Game of Clothes
    In this blog, the costumes of the television characters (mostly the ladies) are interpreted according to character development. Updated slowly, but still worth a look. 
  • Game of Thrones and Philosophy: Logic Cuts Deeper than Swords
    (Nerd alert!) All kinds of philosophical topics are interpreted through a Westerosi lens. 

Books to be published:

  • Dangerous Women (anthology -- to be published on December 3, 2013)
    This cross-genre anthology edited by GRRM and Gardner Dozois will feature the novella, "The Princess and the Queen" which takes place during A Dance with Dragons (the fifth novel in ASOIAF). 
  • The World of Ice and Fire: The Official History of Westeros and The World of A Game of Thrones (to be published in 2014)
    Publication has been pushed back unfortunately, but this coffee table reference book is going to be one of those books you could lose several months in.