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Increasing Database Usage with NoveList Select’s E-resource Feature

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Posted June 10, 2013 in NoveList Select, Special Announcements

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This just in: preliminary results show that the e-resource recommendation feature in NoveList Select increases database searches by over 40%. 

Salt Lake County implemented the new feature in February, using 10 of their databases as an initial test. The library was thrilled when they saw an immediate surge in usage for those 10 databases. For example, their patrons search the database Computer Source an average of 602 times per month, up from 240 searches per month prior to the implementation. 

Colleen Medling, Automated Services Director at the Salt Lake County system had this to say:

"The increase in database usage was stunning; we saw a significant increase in just the first month. We know this came from the embedded NoveList links in our online catalog since those databases that are not displayed didn't see any increase in usage. Thanks for this innovative idea!"

Another staff member, Maggie Mills, kept it short and sweet when asked about this new feature: "The staff love it!" 

While these are preliminary results from one library, we full expect this trend to carry over to other libraries as well, and we'll be monitoring the results over the next few months. 

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