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Keep Creative and Carry On

Post by Kathy Stewart
Posted February 25, 2014 in Kids & Book News, NoveList K-8 Plus

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It's common to associate creativity with artistic creativity, which librarians most certainly do on a regular basis in the programming arena, but don't all kinds of library service require, at times, a different approach? One important measure of success: patrons find what they're looking for, whether in person at our library or through our website and catalog. This might mean that our patrons leave with an idea, with inspiration, with a stack of books, with books placed on hold or all of the above. No matter what type or size of library we're in, or what our budget is, there are some commonsense things we can do to meet readers and our fellow librarians where they are and build from there. 

The March issue of Kids & Books features ideas by librarians who approached things a little differently. Elaine Cameron and colleagues reenvisioned what kids could be doing by connecting their interests with books in Makerspaces Make Sense while Barbara Zinkovich worked with others to spark kids’ reading over the summer in Tips on Shaking up Your Summer Reading Program. Dawn Wacek revisits how Rice Lake Public Library’s Early Literacy Space has reinvigorated usage and Susie Wilde looks ahead at books to share during National Poetry Month.

Beginning with a question to colleagues, "Hey! Why can't we…?" or, "What do you think about…?" then applying that thinking to more effective engagement with our patrons and connect them with great books -- now that's creative.

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