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LibraryAware Success Story: the New Hanover County Public Library

Post by LibraryAware
Posted October 02, 2013 in

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We think we've got the best customers in the world and are always happy to learn a little more about them . This month we'd like to introduce you to an amazing librarian from our home state of North Carolina. 

Name: Rachel Langlois
Profession: Librarian
Title: Virtual Services Librarian
Employer: New Hanover County Public Library, Wilmington, North Carolina

What do you love most about being a librarian? I've always been a lover of knowledge, and every day I go in to work at the library I discover something new. Passing that love of knowledge and discovery onto our patrons is easily the best part of the job.

The library of the future would be... The library of the future is HERE and NOW. 

Favorite tool in your marketing arsenal? LibraryAware -- and now I'm not just saying that for this interview! It ties all our marketing materials together seamlessly and streamlines our publishing schedule. I've worked at all kinds of libraries; at all of them, we used the toold that were either free or already available to us, like Publisher in Microsoft Office. But the end results always yielded unwieldy data and were just not library-marketer-friendly. They weren't tailor-made for us and often felt lacking. LibraryAware IS tailor-made for librarians tasked with marketing; it allows us to create our promotional materials in multiple formats easily, and produces a polished, professional look. 


Top 3 ways you use LibraryAware?
1. Social media 
2. E-blasts
3. Widgets

Biggest marketing challenge you've overcome? We always struggled with creating a coordinating message across the communication channels we use -- email, social media, and our website. We never wanted to bombard our patrons and followers with our messaging. With LibraryAware, we can schedule all our publications in advance and in a timely-enough manner to hook interest without overwhelming patrons. 

Is there a specific instance where using multiple communication channels yielded great results? Like many libraries across the country, we had a program centered around the Affordable Care Act, and were scrambling to get participants. Since this is such an important and timely issue that people need to inform themselves about, we wanted to make sure the members of our community were aware we were offering this program. We created a widget for our library's homepage promoting the program as well as coordinating e-blasts to reach as many patrons as possible. Well, it worked! Participation in this weekend event was through the roof, and it was great knowing that our community members left the program informed. 

Are there any other marketing successes you'd like to share? Well I’d definitely like to mention Tech Tuesdays. It’s a weekly program we have where we invite people to bring their Kindles, Nooks, iPads or whatever device they use for e-reading and we help them learn how to use all their device’s features as well as helping them download materials available through the library. Since using LibraryAware to promote Tech Tuesdays, attendance has increased dramatically! We’ve also had great responses to our small business series. I also wanted to mention that our Subject Specialist librarians LOVE using e-blasts. The segmented subscriber lists let them target their emails to just the patrons they know will be interested.

And finally, the most important question of all. Facebook or Twitter? Twitter, hands down.