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LibraryAware’s Debut

Post by Nancy Dowd
Posted April 27, 2012 in

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LibraryAware made its debut in Philadelphia at the Public Libraries Association (PLA) 2012 Conference last month. I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

We had planned a huge party but, as is always the case when planning an event, there was that fear that no one would show up. My fears quickly dissipated as the line of excited folks grew until it extended down the hall and around the bend. In all, over 300 people came to wish us well.

Duncan Smith, NoveList’s Vice President, set the tone for the evening with a beautiful talk about how LibraryAware communities create a culture of learning and exploration that transforms the lives of their residents. I took the stage to give a short overview of our product, and then Ian Singer, VP, Group Publisher, Library Journal, announced Library Journal’s newest award -- the LibraryAware Community Award. This award will recognize communities that positively demostrate they are aware of the value of their libraries. The winning community will receive a plaque and the library will be given $10,000. Read more here.

Photo of Winners The evening concluded with Scott Bernier, VP of Marketing, EBSCO, drawing the names of two libraries  who were awarded a one-year subscription for LibraryAware. The two lucky winners were Nicole Frilling, Digital Branch Librarian, at Kenton County Public Library, and Derek Wolfgram, Deputy County Librarian, Santa Clara County Library (see photo on right). I am personally so excited for both of those libraries and look forward to working with them.

Many people who came to the party had never seen the product before and made a point of visiting our booth to see a demo. Everyone I spoke with during the demos told me they thought it was an amazing product. One man suggested it was going to be the most important marketing software development he had ever seen. You all know I’m biased, but I believe LibraryAware is going to revolutionize the way libraries promote their programs and services.

I think the greatest thing about our time at PLA was having the opportunity to talk with librarians. I’m always so proud of the work they’re doing, and I take pride in knowing that we're helping to make other people aware of their awesome work.