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Meet Our 2015 Besties!

Post by Rebecca Honeycutt
Posted December 11, 2015 in NoveList Plus, Special Announcements

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Friends, librarians, readers: the moment has arrived. NoveList's Best of 2015 lists are finally here!

"Best of the Year" lists seem to blanket the book world in December, with journals, magazines, and websites all weighing in with their top picks…and NoveList is no exception. (As if we'd miss an opportunity to geek out about books!) This year we created 21 separate "Best of 2015" lists packed with recommended titles for various age groups and genres. Our lists, however, are a little different.

Many other Best lists are driven by sales, popularity, or critical acclaim. But at NoveList, our Besties are driven by one thing: LOVE.

NoveList's Best lists are compiled by our NextReads bibliographers, who comb through thousands of books every year to pick the few that we believe will be well-loved by readers.  Sure, we have standards – we consider the quality of the writing, the strength of the appeals, and the handling of the subject matter – but in the end, we're librarians. We're here to spread the bookish love. So when we count a book among our besties, it doesn't only mean that the book was well-written, enjoyable, or remarkable; it means that we would confidently hand the book to a real live reader.

So please, take a look at our Best of 2015 lists. Squee over them. Debate them. And most importantly, share them. Spread the love.

Where to Find Them?

Below are just 2 of our "best of" lists. You can find the others by doing a search for 'TI Best AND TI 2015 AND ND Recommended Reads"

Best of... Older Kids' Fiction 2015



Best of... Mysteries 2015