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New Templates in LibraryAware

Post by Kathleen Moore
Posted February 04, 2015 in

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We’re constantly adding new templates to LibraryAware -- and I’m really excited to share some of these new templates with you! Two of our newest series of templates are based on passive Readers’ Advisory programs – one for kids and one for adults. Are there additional Readers’ Advisory materials you wish we’d create? If so, let us know by sending an email!


Looking for Love

Ignite interest in your Romance readers with this program idea and corresponding templates. This makes a great tie-in for Valentine’s Day but will also work year-round as a way to help adults find the right type of romance.

These templates are designed to support a passive, self-directed program and include accessible language to help your readers identify with the type of romance of interest to them. To help encourage interaction with your adult readers, we’ve created a fun quarter page handout where adults who find/write down six romance titles can come to the desk for a prize (Hershey’s kisses anyone?).

Find these templates by searching for “Romance” as a keyword in the template gallery!

Kimberly Burton, a Bibliographer/Editor at NoveList, led a great webinar about this passive program idea, and how it connects with appeal terms in NoveList. We’ve got a recording of Kim’s webinar, “Looking for Love” as well as an instructional recording on how to use and customize these templates.

Find more funny books!

This template series is based a scavenger hunt for kids. It’s a really easy passive program to run where you can use signage (promotional flyers, end cap signage, shelf talkers) to lead kids through a self-directed pathway to find funny books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. All of these templates are pre-populated with content and are fully customizable. Are kids at your library more interested in sports? Swap out the background image and you’ve got a whole new look!

Find these templates by searching for “Scavenger Hunt” as a keyword in the template gallery!

Autumn Winters, a Juvenile Content Specialist at NoveList, led an awesome webinar about how to conduct this program. You can check out a recording of that webinar. You can also watch a recording on how to use and customize these templates. 

Kathleen is the Graphic Designer for LibraryAware. She creates professional-looking designs and materials to help libraries build stronger connections with their communities.