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New Ways to Find LibraryReads in NoveList

Post by Danielle Borasky
Posted March 03, 2015 in NoveList Plus, Readers' Advisory News

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LibraryReads is one of my personal favorite sources of learning about upcoming books. I find that their goal of highlighting the “top ten books published this month that librarians across the country love” gives me a fantastic to-read list, often including titles I never would have thought I’d enjoy.

Back when LibraryReads first started, the NoveList team decided to make these monthly lists a priority, making sure that libraries had at least three handwritten recommendations for all those top-ten books. (You know -- just in case the new books were so popular that they had hold lists a mile long.) We committed to writing read-alikes for every LibraryReads book and have been doing that for more than a year.

Just recently, we decided to make it easier to find LibraryReads books in NoveList by adding them as awards lists. Each book (going back to the first one in 2013) has been tagged as a “LibraryReads Favorite.” This gives users three new options:

  1. Search all books that have appeared on a LibraryReads list. Simply type “LibraryReads” in the search box (make sure you have “keyword” selected) and then use the limiters on the left to narrow by your interests.
  2. View the complete top ten lists by year and month. You can find these quickly by searching for the title of the list (“TI LibraryReads”); there’s a list for each year, and you can find the LibraryReads books grouped by month within each list.  
  3. Get more information about the book and why it was nominated. Each title record in NoveList includes a brief explanation of why the book was nominated for LibraryReads. It also has the blue ribbon award indicator, a link to the specific LibraryReads award list (look for the link under the “Lists & Articles” tab), reviews, and a list of 9 read-alike recommendations.   

LibraryReads in NoveList

Our hope is that this expanded access to LibraryReads gives your patrons a new way to find great reads, not only through the LibraryReads titles themselves, but also through the read-alike recommendations.