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Answers to Your FAQ About NextReads and LibraryAware

Post by Duncan Smith
Posted May 01, 2013 in NextReads

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You may have heard about some exciting changes on the horizon for NextReads, our award-winning newsletter service. As we adapt to better serve the evolving needs of libraries, so do our products and services. Later this year, we’ll complete the process of integrating NextReads into LibraryAware, and in the meantime, I know you may have some questions relating to the transition. I’ve laid out some of these questions and their answers below.

Q: Is NextReads going away?

A: Not at all. The service you know (and love) as NextReads will fall under the new name LibraryAware, which in addition to NextReads newsletters, offers many other additional features to suit your library’s marketing needs. Newsletters will still feature the same content you rely on and will work very much the same way they do now.

Q: Do I need to move over to LibraryAware to keep my newsletter service?

A: Yes. Once you move over to LibraryAware, you can continue to use the NextReads newsletter service as you always have. You will also be able to expand your usage to the other great features offered in LibraryAware.

Q: What steps will I have to take to move over to LibraryAware?

A: We’re working hard to make sure the transition is seamless. We’ll do as much of the work behind the scenes as possible. Then we’ll provide lots of information and training to get you started. More specific details will be available later in 2013.

Q: What’s the difference between NextReads and LibraryAware?

A: LibraryAware takes NextReads to the next level by giving you use of a full range of channels to easily promote reading lists, e-resources, and other events and services on your website, through email, in print, and on social media channels. Imagine the results you’ll get by cross-promoting NextReads reading selections with shelf talkers, bookmarks, brochures, posters, or with social media. In LibraryAware, you’ll be able to create promotional materials that will reach everyone in your community.

Q: Will I still be able to send book newsletters to my patrons?

A: Yes! We know you love NextReads for its fully customizable e-newsletters that connect library patrons to reading recommendations and library events. LibraryAware will continue to offer this same great service, and more.

Q: What do I get in LibraryAware that I don’t already have in NextReads?

A: In addition to e-newsletters, you’ll be able to spread the word about your programs, products, and services with the channels people use most -- whether it’s print, online, or social media. You’ll be able to create opt-in lists that will help you reach specific groups, such as parents and seniors, with content that matters to them. You’ll also be able to increase usage of e-resources and collections with ready-to-go promotions. And you’ll have access to over 1,000 high quality Getty and professional images to use in your promotions. 

Q: How and when will my content and subscribers be moved over?

A: While we don’t have exact dates yet, we expect to complete the transition later this year. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest and subscribe to NextReads Notes for the latest info and updates.

Q: How different will creating my newsletters be in LibraryAware?

A: The process is very similar. You’ll find that newsletter creation and editing has been streamlined and simplified, giving your newsletter a clean and modern visual appeal.

Q: I don’t think I need LibraryAware. Can I just stick with NextReads?

A: How you use LibraryAware is totally up to you. Whether you just stick with using the newsletter functionality or delve into the wider scope of what LibraryAware offers is your choice.

Q: Will you provide any support or training once I move over to LibraryAware?

A: Absolutely. In addition to the regularly scheduled training and inspiration sessions, we’ll also be offering training sessions specially designed for you and your staff to get the most out of your LibraryAware experience.

I hope this FAQ has answered any questions you had about the transition from NextReads to LibraryAware. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, I encourage you to drop us a line at

Duncan Smith is the Vice President and founder of NoveList. He is passionate about the importance of reading, and the power of libraries to change lives.