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NextReads Expands to Reach More Readers

Post by Duncan Smith
Posted March 05, 2013 in NextReads

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This year is an exciting one for me because big changes are happening in libraries. There is a renewed emphasis on one of the public library's core missions: engaging readers. 

At NoveList we are also facing some exciting changes. Our focus has always been helping libraries help their readers, but we are working on new tools that will help you reach readers in new ways.

We have a product called NextReads that has been helping libraries deliver reading recommendations by email for the past 8 years. NextReads has been proven to increase both circulation and library visits. The excellent reader-focused reviews contained in the product were even recognized this year by ALA with the Louis Shores Award for excellence in book reviewing

However, we know that libraries need more than just newsletters. A couple of years ago, we funded a study that found that while e-newsletters were an important part of a library's overall marketing strategy -- they were only a part. To be successful at winning public support and advocates for all they do, libraries need a resource that is as robust and multi-faceted as their communities and the needs that face them. 

To address these needs, we concluded that our successful library newsletter service, NextReads, needed to grow into something deeper and better. We dreamed big, and the result is a product which will continue to include the exceptional content that is currently part of NextReads. But it will also now include updated and snappy-looking email templates, multi-channel functionality, the ability to create a broad range of promotional materials, and much more. We even gave this bigger, better product a new name: LibraryAware. Later this year, we will complete the transition for NextReads to officially become part of LibraryAware. 

This represents a big opportunity for us and for our customers. We are confident that this forthcoming version of NextReads will allow libraries to do bigger and better things to serve their readers. And helping you serve your readers is something that we never lose sight of here at NoveList. 

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Duncan Smith is the Vice President and founder of NoveList. He is passionate about the importance of reading, and the power of libraries to change lives.