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NextReads Newsletter Profile: Book Display Ideas

Post by Dawn Towery
Posted February 18, 2014 in NextReads

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Although most NextReads newsletters are written for patrons, there's one that's specially crafted for all of the awesome librarians out there: Book Display Ideas. Why? Because we like you... And because we value your time and know it can be both time-consuming and tough to come up with fresh ideas month after month, year after year. 

With this newsletter, we leave the easy pickings alone (we don't need to tell you to display Christmas books at Christmas, though we might suggest a "Christmas in July" theme in July). Our goal is to either put a new spin on a regular holiday, such as highlighting books about hats for a nontraditional Easter bonnet display, or find anniversaries and celebrations that could work as a theme (examples from recent newsletters include: "Previous ALA Youth Media Award Winners," in anticipation of this year's January ceremony; "Australian Novelists," in honor of Australia Day; "Prohibition," to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the repealing of the the 18th Amendment; and "time in the title," to mark Daylight Savings Time on March 9 -- view this sample issue from January). We look for interesting topics that have actually had books written about them as well as ones that will appeal to a broad array of people. 

Each month, the newsletter contains three display ideas, with four book examples each. Each section lists an age range (juvenile, adult, or all ages) and notes if the books are fiction or nonfiction or a combination -- but these are really suggestions and implementation can vary depending on what librarians need that month. Along with the books we list for each theme, we also offer either subject headings or search strategies to help find librarians easily find more books to fill out the display.

The way we come up with ideas is probably pretty similar to what you do yourself (checking reference resources, websites, library catalogs, etc.), except the ideas in the newsletter have been parsed for you and come straight to your inbox! Now you don't have to spend a lot of time reviewing various sources, because we provide options for you. In fact, just in case our main ideas don't work for you, we always include a "Still looking for ideas?" section at the end of each newsletter that offers more suggestions.

Book Display Ideas is a private list and probably isn't available via the patron sign-up screen on your website, so here's another idea: check with your NextReads administrator to sign up, and make sure your copy is delivered straight to your inbox.

The Book Display Ideas Newsletter is one of 20+ NextReads Newsletters available from local libraries who subscribe to LibraryAware. 

Dawn Towery is a NextReads Bibliographer at NoveList.