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NextReads or LibraryAware?

Post by Danielle Borasky
Posted April 18, 2014 in NextReads

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Here’s a question we’ve been asked -- now that NextReads is part of LibraryAware, should you keep calling it NextReads, or start calling it LibraryAware? The simple answer: it is still called NextReads.

Sure, LibraryAware is the new product name, but NextReads remains the name of the service within the product. So go ahead and call it by the name your readers already know -- and instinctively understand.

We actually thought a lot about this question when we were planning for the merger of NextReads and LibraryAware. We talked about brand loyalty and the number of librarians and readers who were already fans of NextReads. How could we encourage the brand to stick around?   

We decided early on that keeping the name NextReads was essential. It’s a great, descriptive name, and it’s a favorite of staff around here too. It’s pretty easy for readers to grasp -- just from the name -- that NextReads will help them find their next book to read. So even though the name of the overall product was to be LibraryAware, we decided to continue using the NextReads name too.

In addition to the name, we also thought about the overall look. Part of the advantage to moving to LibraryAware was that NextReads newsletters would be getting an updated, modern interface and updated, modern templates as well. We decided to redesign the NextReads logo to match the spiffy new interface. You can see below what we did – we transformed the product logo into a brand logo that matches its new home.

Same great name, new modern look.

In the next few months, we’re planning to have some great new items available inside LibraryAware that will help you promote the NextReads service to your patrons. These flyers, bookmarks, and other items will use the new NextReads logo above. In the meantime, we already have a few digital items that you can download and use on your website. Here's a sample: 

Horizontal buttons Vertical buttons Banner/header

And if you’re not yet a NextReads fan, read more about what these newsletters offer.

Danielle Borasky is the Marketing and Outreach Supervisor at NoveList.