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NoveList Training 101: Women’s History in NoveList

Post by Lori Reed
Posted March 19, 2013 in NoveList Plus, NoveList Select, Readers' Advisory News

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March is Women's History Month -- whether you are looking for an enthralling romance or a captivating biography, NoveList helps you find just the right book. Here are some tips for locating women's history topics.

A Quick Solution: Recommended Reads Lists

For a quick solution, look for Recommended Reads Lists. These are ready-made lists of book recommendations. They are easy to find on the NoveList homepage directly below the NoveList logo. To find a Recommended Reads list for women's history, select Historical Fiction, then Historical Women. Be she pioneer or pirate, each of the women portrayed here exhibits independence and determination while grappling with the constraints of her time.

Note that the available Recommended Reads lists will change depending on the reader age selected and whether you have selected fiction or nonfiction (nonfiction content is available to NoveList Plus and NoveList K-8 Plus.)

Consider using these lists to:

  • Create book displays or reading lists
  • Find your next book to read on a specific topic or in your favorite genre
  • Find similar titles by looking at the subject headings for each title in NoveList Plus

Using Advanced Search to Find Women's History

For the most options to fine-tune your results, use an Advanced Search. From the NoveList homepage click Advanced Search. Enter the following search terms then click search:

  • historical fiction in "Genre"
  • women in "Subject"

At the results page, narrow your search by genre, storyline, pace, tone, writing style, subject, and location on the left column on your screen. Use limiters on the right side of the screen to limit by audience age, publication date, award winners, and fiction or nonfiction.


Lori is the Customer Relationship Coordinator for NoveList. An avid Doctor Who fan, when not working or chasing her two kids around, Lori enjoys reading fantasy and sci-fi as well as nonfiction.