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NoveListas Give TFioS Two Thumbs Up!

Post by NoveList
Posted June 10, 2014 in Special Announcements

NoveListas went to the movies this past weekend, along with thousands of other fans, to catch the premier of The Fault in Our Stars. Since there's only so much chatting around the coffee pot we can do, we wanted to share our reactions with you! 

Watching TFioS in a theater was a chance to see the visual, artistic, and all-around awesome interpretation of John Green’s book. What would I say about the movie? It is the exquisite blend of laughter, exhilaration and a deep, profound sense of sadness and loss and true to the book.

--Beth Gerall, NoveList Creative Content Supervisor

The trip to Amsterdam was my favorite part -- seeing the inside of Anne Frank’s house (and having a pivotal scene take place there) was the icing on the tear-cake.

--Autumn Winters, Juvenile Content Specialist

The movie brilliantly captures the witty dialogue and painfully honest emotion that makes the book so meaningful to readers -- never before have I seen a theater full of teenagers move so quickly from whispering and joking to unashamed public crying.

--Rebecca Honeycutt, NextReads Bibliographer

Pre-movie: “A book is a book. A movie is a movie. They are different products.” I tamped down my usual “What’s-going-to-be-left-out” feeling, wondering how a thinky book like TFiOS could be transformed into a movie? Post-movie: Nicely done; the key good bits were represented (Night-of-the-trophies; egg-throwing Isaac; Amsterdam) without diluting the story.

--Kathy Stewart, Juvenile Content Specialist

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