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Programming with Insight

Post by Kathy Stewart
Posted September 20, 2013 in Kids & Book News, NoveList Plus, NoveList Select

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Depending on what kind of library you work in, programming means different things. In public libraries, programming includes the events that bring the community in, with learning often a happy by-product. Sometimes it's more passive programming, in which libraries provide Readers' Advisory ingredients and patrons themselves use the library in a way most comfortable to them. 

In schools, programming is often more overt -- proactive, to support learning. Regardless of the type of library, successful programming involves connecting with those you're serving, no mean feat. Programming is a living, breathing work in progress, where flexibility is key and adjusting as needs change is essential. 

The October 2013 issue of Kids & Books provides kernels reflecting insights into successful programming. Jennifer Stubben Hatch's "Catch-Up Guide to Catching Fire" represents how libraries can stay relevant by their awareness of popular culture's importance in teens' lives. Linda Sawyer shares how staying up on educational trends like STEM ensures libraries' key role in providing interesting educational opportunities for young readers as part of regular ongoing programming. And, we can't forget a very necessary component of successful programming: stepping back and assessing what worked, what didn't, and modifying as needed. Susan Brown's "Going Rogue" reveals how taking a fresh look at their summer reading program infused it with a new energy and increased participation.

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