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Promote Your Event in 5 Easy Steps

Post by Jennifer Solomon
Posted February 28, 2013 in

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The other day, a librarian asked me to look over her library’s current print newsletter to help her brainstorm ideas for the upcoming events and services taking place during National Library Week. I was excited about this request for two reasons: this is the first step toward moving from single channel to multi-channel marketing and this library is doing some great programs for a variety of audiences including teens, toddlers, homebound, and book groups. Knowing your audience is a key component when you’re thinking about your marketing plan for an event.

As an example of the kinds of things to consider when promoting library events, here are five steps for promoting a basic computer class.

5 Easy Steps

1. Decide on your target audience (e.g., Adults, Seniors, Job Seekers)

2. Create an eye-catching flyer and post it in the library and in community locations where your target audience would be likely to find them (e.g., the Senior Center, community college)

3. Make bookmarks and brochures to cross-promote the classes with your computer books and e-resources.

4. Add a widget or web graphic with information about the classes to your website on the homepage or in the adult section. Include a link for patrons to sign up for more information about free events.

5. Send an email about the classes with upcoming dates to patrons who are interested in educational events.

As a bonus: post five interesting facts about computer skills on Facebook and Twitter to promote your event. Include a link to your website with every tweet or post for more information about the computer classes. This creates interest and draws attention in a creative way to your event. Here are five examples of the kinds of posts that might work.

Sample Posts for Social Media

  • Prior to the development of the first computers in the 1930s, the word computer referred to a person who could count, calculate, and compute. 
  • Doug Engelbart invented the first computer mouse in 1964. It was made entirely of wood.
  • Sweden is the country with the highest percentage of Internet users (75%).
  • eBay, the world's most popular shopping website, processes approximately $680 in transactions every second.
  • The longest word that can be typed using words in one row of the keyboard is "typewriter." The longest word that can be typed with one hand is "stewardesses."

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Jennifer is the Community Coordinator for LibraryAware. She works on building a supportive community of LibraryAware users and focuses on making marketing and communications fun.