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Pull Yourself Out of the Blogging Blues

Post by Cassi Broach
Posted February 28, 2013 in NoveList Plus, NoveList Select

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Are you worried your blog is losing readers because of bland, uninteresting writing? Do you have so much to say but just don’t know how to say it? Blogging, like any kind of writing, takes practice and care. With so many great bloggers in the scope of the library world alone, distinguishing yourself may seem like a daunting challenge – which brings me to my first tip for pulling yourself out of the blogging blues…

1. Find your voice. Whether you are blogging as yourself or on behalf of another entity, pinpoint the voice you’d like to portray. Cultivate that voice, nurture it. Let it flourish and don’t censor it (at least in your drafts.) Your unique, distinctive voice is what sets you apart from the multitudes of other bloggers.

2. Read other blogs. As many as you have time for. Follow blogs with different topics, formats, and styles of writing. If you’ve ever taken a writing class, I’d be willing to bet the teacher said something along the lines of “If you want to w rite, you have to read.”

3. Format your writing to be readable. Most of your online readers are “scanners.” They don’t want to spend 15 minutes dissecting a single blog post. Introduce headings, bulleted lists, blockquotes and meaningful spaces to help your readers pick out your main points. For a great example, check out this blog post by our own Jennifer Solomon.

4. Keep writing! This is the most valuable piece of writing advice I’ve ever received. Force yourself to write at least 15 minutes every day. Not only will you become a better writer through daily practice, you’ll have pages of potential blog material to choose from.

I hope these tips help you break out of the cycle of stale blog posts; I’d love to hear from you about any other tidbits of beneficial advice, or if you have a great library blog I just can’t miss. Shoot me a line at

Happy Writing!


Cassi is the Communications Specialist at NoveList. With an interesting combination of a passion for writing and chronic writer's block, she's always seeking out new ways to keep the words flowing.