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Questions and Answers About LibraryAware

Post by Nancy Dowd
Posted February 10, 2012 in

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Last month Alison Circle called me for an interview to be published in Library Journal. (If you haven’t been reading Alison’s blog, The Bubble Room, you should.  She does a terrific job sharing ideas on how to improve your marketing efforts.) I was a little nervous at the beginning of the interview. First, I am used to being on the other side of a microphone, and second, Alison can be a pretty tough interviewer. But I think she asked great questions.

Alison and I have spent many years trying to convince libraries of the importance of marketing. I know that, like me, she has been frustrated when libraries create a flyer or bookmark and consider their marketing done. It’s so much more – it’s an entire process that works to understand the needs of our communities and provide solutions. That includes: assessing and targeting audiences; setting  goals and outcomes; creating conversations and listening; planning and developing the right  products and services; and evaluating and measuring. Within that process we need to communicate what we are doing to both users and non-users. And that’s where LibraryAware begins to work its magic. Read the article and let me know what you think. If there are questions you wished I had been asked, feel free to send them along and I’ll answer them the best that I can. 

In other news, I was recently at ALA Midwinter in Dallas and had the chance to talk about LibraryAware at the NoveList breakfast. Wow, what a great response we had from the librarians! Seems like anyone I talk to about what LibraryAware can do, wants to know when they can buy it. The good news is that we are going to launch the product at PLA in Philadelphia next month. If you want to be part of the excitement, email me at and I’ll make sure we get an invite out to you!

Meanwhile, I hope to see you at in Philadelphia for PLA.